Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven

The project team

UI/UX Designer
Game designer

Team had a task to create Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure, tributed to game series "Redemption Cemetery".


After getting into a car accident, you wander into a mysterious graveyard while searching for help. The doors slam shut behind you and you realize that you are trapped! Escape from the eerie Redemption Cemetery by helping trapped spirits save their loved ones, and free their souls!


GDD creating and making concept art.

Concept art creating was started according design document, which was consist of scenario, basic game mechanics and few dialogues. Developers started to make skeleton of the game.

First art and First Playable game version goes to publisher.

First Playable version contained few scenes, puzzle system and one HO quest.

Some game mechanics and updates were added to game and documentation after getting feedback from publisher.

Final steps of development and QA

Final part of game contained:

- Integrating of final art.

- Control of complete response to requirements and documentation

- Quality Assurance

- Final build was sent to publisher and approved by him.

The result of our work
Interesting game with nice atmosphere and good feedback from players and community.
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