PuppetShow: Joyville

The project team

Project manager
UI/UX Designer
Game designer

Team was in creating Hidden Object Puzzle Game for Android devices by granted documentation.


The puppet show in Joyville was once a wondrous attraction until the great fire. Now, rusted gears and dark mysteries lay within strange machinations and disheveled puppets. A young boy, Simon, is the most recent in a long line of missing people. In PuppetShow: Mystery of Joyville, you are tasked with solving nefarious puzzles, finding hidden clues, and uncovering the dark secrets of a town that is anything but joyful.

Concept art creating and making background for game

By granted design document team was in creating of basic art and scenes. Developers started making background of game. Were realized some prepared before things for approving First Playable prototype by publisher.


Final art and first playable game version.

After getting feedback about first playable prototype, were made few updates in creating new art and sound producing. 

Developers finished creating gameplay part.

Quality assurance and final build.

Final part of this project had next updates:

- Quality control and performance on different Android devices.

- Debugging and adopting game according requirements of Google Play.

- Content editing.

- Integrating of additional content

- Final version was sent to publisher and approved by him.

The result of our work
Interesting and detailed horror/Hidden Object game, which had a good feedback from players.
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