The project team

Project manager
UI/UX Designer
Team lead
Game designer

Team had a challenge to make simolator, which will show in details survuving on Mars planet. Task was taken in NASA space app hackaton.


First Person Survival game with RPG elements. With VR and Leap Motion support.

Creating concept document and preparations.

This project was supported by basic document, which contained key parameters of game and approximately data, which will be used in creating demo-version of game.

Creating scene and 3D models integration

For game were choosen mostly common 3D models and by Maya with 3DMax for game adaptation. Scene was covered by ground. Events modification and development were started.

Interface addition, quests and automatization of few processes

Interface was added to game. It showed health and oxygen level. 3 quests were added. So as gravity and moving abilities of player.

The result of our work
Game is still in progress! Now it is in condition of First Playable Prototype.
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