EnetPoker Games

The project team

Backend developer
Project manager
Game designer

There was a task to create 3 types of poker according requirements of client. Some references and basic documentation was granted as an example, what customer waits from product.


Create easy, but featured poker, which will be oriented on using by big number of players. Also were integrated bonus systems, coupons, custom randomization of cards.

Creating of project documentation, sketches and game logic.

All information granted by customer, was rebuilt to the standard design document. It helped team to orient better in development and split task on subtasks.

Was created basic art, development of client-server and basic game logic were started too.

Creating of final art, design document corrections, game maths processing.

On this step our team created major part of product. It was:

- Game math integration

- Final art integration

- Randomization

- Bonus system

Properly working client-server.


Финальные правки, тестирование, звуковой контент Final corrections, quality assurance and sound content

This step was a final one. Here were debugged all mechanics, bonuses, game optimization, protection from fraud. Quality assurance and sound integration to the game.

The result of our work
Quite good game, which responded to requirements of customer and player's expectations
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