Simplant software update

The project team

Backend developer
Frontend developer
Project manager
Team lead

Simplant is a unique medical software for projection, testing and checking of installing abutments in stomatology. According innovate 3D modelling  environment, dentist is available to make a 3D model of patient's jaw. And with having needed model, dentist is available to design extremely appropriate abutment for patient.

Main requirement is creating product, which will reduce risk of harming patient due abutment development. Also, software optimization for processing lot of 3D data was needed.



Add new parameters for abutments and implants, which will allow to place them more correct on the final mask of jaw.

Planning and architecture

Preparing of needed paramenters, architecture creating for solution, work with stakeholders from customer's side. Analysis of stomatologists requirements.

Development and updating

Creating of new template, combinating of new components, checking interface and data type compatibility of all software versions.

Feedback collecting and QC

Quality assurance of this update, collecting analytics and feedback.

The result of our work
Update showed stable and fast work. All requirements to software update were completed successfully.
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